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Edward R. McCaslin D.V.M.
Ruthanne L. McCaslin D.V.M.

Promised Land Alpacas
11345 Thwing Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024

Phone: 440-285-9255
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Herdsires | Jr. Herdsires

Promised Land Farm has an amazing variety of black pure Peruvian studs to choose from. Several are double black, most are unrelated to each other, and all are unrelated to the most common black bloodlines in this part of the country.

We will do mobile mating within a one-hour radius. We will also do “drive-by” breeding if you want to take your momma and her cute little cria right back home with you after the breeding. For those females who stay at our farm for the breeding, we include up to 60 days free board, a progesterone test at 21 days gestation AND confirmation by ultrasound at 25-30 days. All our breedings come with a live cria guarantee (Our definition of a live cria guarantee is a cria that survives for at least 10 days).

This fine-fleeced Black Mesquite son is a real eye-catcher. He is a true non-fading jet black with absolutely no spots. He moves with a fluid grace that denotes exceptional conformation. He has that marvelous quality known as "presence" that makes him really stand out in a crowd, yet he is calm, confident, well-trained and easy to handle.

His dam, 6Peruvian Black Cloud, was the finest fleeced solid black animal in the last Peruvian import with a micron of 19.2 at the time of import! and she has maintained her fineness in the very low 20's as she has produced exceptional fine-fleeced offspring year after year, including several Champions. She stamps her gorgeous classic head on every offspring and they in tern are passing it along.

His sire, MFI Peruvian Black Mesquite, needs no introduction. Mesquite is known worldwide for the awesome quality of his offspring and his $7500 stud fee reflects the high demand for his genetics.

Buy this Mesquite son now while he is young and priced affordably. He should be ready to start breeding for you this spring. (He thinks he is ready now!) The first 3 breedings booked for this promising young male will be only $750 each. Breedings to his famous sire cost TEN TIMES that much and are very limited. This price will double after the first three are booked so reserve your breeding right away!!! This flashy young male has now settled his first female. the first cria is due in the fall of '09. Now there are only two Breedings left at this fantastic introductory price. Reserve one now!

PLF Peruvian Cavalier
PLF Peruvian Cavalier
PLF Peruvian Cavalier PLF Peruvian Cavalier PLF Peruvian Cavalier PLF Peruvian Cavalier


PLF Peruvian Leader
PLF Peruvian Leader
PLF Peruvian Leader PLF Peruvian Leader PLF Peruvian Leader

If you like your whites white and very bright, PLF Peruvian Grandstander could be just what you are looking for. This Accoyo/Allianza eyecather has the gleaming white fleece, high frequency deep bold crimp and the fineness and density that will be needed to breed the outstanding white animals that are the future of our fiber industry. Dr. Norm Evans put Grandstander in the top 1 1/2% of the animals he has tested by skin biopsy.

His sire Accoyo Grandmaster is known for passing along color and adding very fine fleeces. Grandstander’s older full brother PLF Peruvian Jubilant is doing the same out in Colorado and we expect that Grandstander will carry on this “family tradition”!!

At the 2006 Northern Illinois Alpaca Extravaganza show the judge placed him at the head of a large, competitive class. He has amazing staple length and coverage from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. He stands very regal and proud like he owns the pasture or the show ring which earned him his name, but he remains easy to handle. In fact he has been been shown in performance and junior showmanship classes and has won Blue Ribbons in those classes also.

He just took another Blue Ribbon in a large competitive White Yearling Male Halter class (Is there a tougher category?)at the Ohio Alpacafest 2007. The judge commented at length on his strong frame, perfect conformation, fineness and density, but was most impressed by the consistency of his fleece from shoulder to flank to hip and from top to midside to belly.

Grandstander is co-owned with Donna A. Wolfer of Southern Cross Alpacas, but will be standing stud at Promised Land Farm most of the time.

We offered 3 introductory breedings at $750 and they were snapped up almost immediately. The $750 breedings are gone now, but we are offering the next 3 for only $1000. Don't miss out on your chance to chance to breed to this amazing male at this amazing price! First crias due this spring!


  • 1st place Ohio Alpacafest 2007 (level 5 show)
  • 2nd place Carolina Alpaca Celebration 2007 Halter
  • 1st place Carolina Alpaca Celebration 2007 Jr. Showmanship
  • 1st place Northern Illinios Alpaca Extravaganza 2006

PLF Peruvian Grandstander
PLF Peruvian Grandstander
Grandstander Grandstander Grandstander Grandstander

Pride of America:
Pride of America is a Pure Peruvian treasure! Impressive grey genetics from sire Dom Timbo, and advanced fleece characteristics from outstanding fawn dam 6Peruvian Maisa combined to produce a fleece of amazing fineness, density, staple length, brightness and high-frequency crimp. His first fleece took Best of Show at Fiberfest 2002; the next a Blue Ribbon at the AOBA National Conference 2003. He has also taken firsts and seconds in full-fleece halter classes and in composite. Strong and square with terrific bone, great conformation, majestic presence and excellent libido, he remains easy to handle. At nearly 4 years of age his AFD remains a low 20.7 microns. His first crias have arrived and most of them are GREY! He has produced both rosegrey and silver and even the folks that got male crias are happy and have come back for more. His stud fee is $3,000, with a $500 discount for small breeders (less than six breeding females). Live cria guarantee. Limited breedings. Reserve now. Pride of America is Co-owned with Pride of Americas Alpacas. He is standing stud at Kalmar Kolors Alpacas in Western Illinois.


  • 1st Place and Best of Show at Fiberfest 2002 Fleece Show
  • 2nd Place AOBA National Conference 2002 Halter Show (The animal that beat him went on to take Reserve Champion)
  • 1st Place AOBA National Conference 2003 Fleece Show
  • 2nd Place AOBA National Conference 2004 Composite (large class)

2005: AFD 20.7 SD 4.1 CV 19.8 %>30 2.9

Pride of America
Pride of America
Grey Alpaca Grey Alpaca Grey Alpaca

Half Accoyo! Full Peruvian! Rosegrey! What more could you ask? Super fine fleece with outstanding high-frequency crimp, sheen, brightness and amazing density? Square compact body style, superb conformation, typey head? Peruvian Calypso, the rare rosegrey son of Accoyo Peruvian Grand Master, has all of this and more ­ show-stopping presence and pizzazz!

Peruvian Calypso’s show record has been impressive. He is a Champion, twice Reserve Champion and four time Blue Ribbon winner. Calypso now has many offspring on the ground, most of them girls, in colors from True Black to Rosegrey. His most recent histogram (see green box) taken at 3 1/2 years of age is little short of amazing.

Calypso has recently returned to the Promised Land after 4 months "on tour" at Kalmar Kolors in Western Illinios where he made many new friends. We are happy to have him back home. He will be standing stud here for the next year and a half.

Calypso's oldest daughter, PLF Peruvian Lacy's Legacy owned by Storybook Alpacas, just returned from her very first show with a blue ribbon and a Reserve Championship!

We took three of his daughters to the 2006 AOBA National Conference and each one took a 2nd place in a large and competitive classes.

His stud fee is $2,500, with a $500 discount for small breeders (less than six breeding females). Live cria guarantee. Demand is high. Reserve your breeding now to this phenomenal Herd Sire. Calypso is co-owned with Pride of Americas Alpacas.

Awards Received:

  • 1 Championship
  • 2 Reserve Championships
  • 4 Blue Ribbons

2005: AFD 20.5 SD 3.9 CV 19.0 %>30 2.9

Full Peruvian Rosegrey

PLF Peruvian Blacksmith of Camelot is a truly magnificent animal. We call him “Smitty” for short. He took first place at the Ohio Alpacafest and his yearling fleece took first place at the AOBA National Conference and first place and Reserve Champion at the Ohio Alpacafest among other honors.

His sire, 5Peruvian Camelot, is arguably the best dark-colored male alpaca ever imported from Peru. He is a rare and wonderful true maroon (it isn't on the color chart any more, but it is still a real and very desirable color!) He has passed his incredible fleece characteristics on to his offspring. His dam is the beautiful silver grey Dona Ariana who has produced a long string of show winners and Champions for us. She is a permanent part of our foundation herd. Even at her advanced age she is still an eye-catcher and she is still the undisputed queen of all she surveys.

A quick note about the photos - "Smitty" is a very solid and consistent black. The areas that look like spots in these photos are actually "green slime". A few minutes before Nancy Haus arrived for his photo shoot he decided to show all the other boys who was boss. They retaliated by sliming him. What timing!

His first crias have arrived and all have phenomenal fleeces. His stud fee is $2,500, with a $500 discount for small breeders (less than six breeding females).

  • 1st place AOBA National Conference Fleece Show 2003!

  • He took 1st place at the Ohio Alpaca Fest in November 2002.

  • PLF P. Blacksmith of Camelot
    PLF P. Blacksmith of Camelot
    Black Alpaca Stud Black Alpaca Stud Black Alpaca Stud Black Alpaca Stud

    PLF Peruvian Juneau:
    PLF Peruvian Juneau is a half Accoyo son of the famous Accoyo Augusto. Augusto is no longer available for outside breedings. Here is your chance to capture his rare and desirable genetics by breeding to one of his best sons. Juneau took the White Male Color Championship at the Kentucky Classic 2005 under highly respected senior judge Dr. Julio Sumar against some of the stiffest competition in the country — Magical Farms, Stachowski, Mary’s Alpaca, Five Star, Hobby Horse and more! His bright, dense fleece will amaze you.

    His first crias have arrived and they are amazing! His stud fee is $2,000, with a $500 discount for small breeders (less than six breeding females).

    PLF Peruvian Juneau
    PLF Peruvian Juneau

    Black Maverick:
    Peruvian Black Maverick is a true black pure Peruvian stud who is unrelated to most of the black Peruvians in this part of the country. His fawn mother contributed to his outstanding fleece - 23.4 microns, dense and very crimpy. He has excellent conformation, good bone, and terrific coverage.

    Black Maverick took first place in the adult black male class at the Pennsylvania Breeder’s Showcase Alpaca Show in Butler, Pa. last spring.

    Black Maverick - affectionately known as “Ricky” will charm you with his sweet dispostion and his calm and friendly attitude. Everybody loves Ricky and we just know the ladies will, too. He started breeding in June, 2001. His first crias have begun to arrive and everyone is excited!

    Black Maverick is co-owned with Snugglers’ Meadow Alpacas whose farm is only ten minutes from ours, so he will never be far away. He will be available when you need him. Black Maverick is currently residing at Promised Land Farm. We invite you to introduce your ladies to this distinguished gentleman. His stud fee is $2,500, with a $500 discount for small breeders (less than six breeding females).

    Peruvian Black Maverick
    Peruvian Black Maverick
    First Cria: Bart Maverick
    Black Pure Peruvian Stud Black Pure Peruvian Stud Black Pure Peruvian Stud Black Pure Peruvian Stud

    This remarkable young male will add color and quality to almost any herd. Every inch of him is covered with glistening, non-fading, true black fleece. He has 2 black parents - both Champions - and 3 black grandparents (the 4th is dark silver grey). This depth of color genetics is rare in pure Peruvians. Put him over light-colored females to bring out color without sacrificing fineness. Put him over black and grey to add fineness without sacrificing color.

    He is a proud, upstanding young male with lovely conformation and a correct bite. His fleece is dense, fine and bright with high frequency crimp and character.

    PLF Peruvian Beowulf has recently started his breeding career. His first crias are due in October 2007. His introductory stud fee is $750.

    Awards Received:

    • 1st Place Northern Illinois Alpaca Extravaganza

    PLF Peruvian Beowulf
    PLF Peruvian Beowulf
    Rare Black Alpaca Rare Black Alpaca Rare Black Alpaca

    PLF Peruvian Black Cornerstone has been quite the show-ring success. He has had two first place and two second place finishes in his brief show career. His conformation is about as close to perfect as it gets, his bite is excellent and his incredibly soft fleece, with its bundling and high amplitude crimp all the way to the very tips has everyone oohing and aahing. He has settled three females and his first crias came in the fall of 2003. Cornerstone is out of 6Peruvian Dona Aparacida, our best black female and sired by 6Peruvian Dom Timbo, an outstanding grey.

    In 2002 he took 1st place at the POABA Breeders Showcase in the full-fleece, black jeuvenile male category.

    PLF Peruvian Black Cornerstone
    PLF Peruvian Black Cornerstone
    First Cria:
    HAA Designer Genes
    Cria, Designer Genes Designer Genes has taken a blue ribbon each time shown!
    Michigan Intern'l Alpacafest 2004
    OABA Alpacafest 2004

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